Silus Virgin Coconut Oil

We are into sourcing and provider of " Silus Virgin Coconut Oil " which is produced through a very Unique Cold Processed Centrifuge Technology Method which allows Plucking to Oil Production within 48 hours keeping the Highest Nutritional Value of Virgin Coconut Oil intact. The Product is Mutipurpose 1 in all manufactured with HACCP certification and is Useful for Baby Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Edible Uses as well as Ayurvedic Treatment. Has a lot of Medicinal Properties and Helps to Boost Immune system of body to fight against Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections. Lowers LDL and Improves HDL to decrease Obesity and rendering Healthy Heart. Helps to increase Ketone Levels in Blood which is proven to fight against Alzheimer and Epilelpsy. Good Energy Booster for Youth and Children.


The Power of Pure Nutrition :
"Silus" being one of the reliable names in the industry. We are engaged in providing an exellent quality range of extra virgin coconutoil. These are extensively used for different applications. "silus" extra virgin coconut  oil is highly admired amongst our patrons due to their long shelf life, reliablity and best quality. These are formulated by our knowledgeable professionals using optimum quality ingredients that are obtained from the recognized vendors of the industry.

Benefits :

  • "Silus" Extra virgin coconut oil as medicine helps in strengthening the immune system, Health fuctioning of cardiova scular system. Maintaining healthy metabolism & energy production.
  • Ti builds up the natural immune power of human body. It offers resistance to body against bacteria, fungi and viral infection such as measles influenza, vesicular stomatities virus, herpes simplex, virus and effective even in HIV and provides defence against H1N1 - Swine Flu.
  • It is an exellent sourse of instant energy to sportsmen, elderly people and children.
  • The oil increases the good cholesterol levels (HDL) and reduces the bad cholesterol levels (LDL), there by decreasing obesity and rendering a healthy heart. The regular usage corrects the metabolic rate, helping in prevention of over eating and weight gain. It eliminate H-Pylori bacteria which inhanit various areas of the stomech and cause hyperacidity and  stomach ulcers.
  • The intake of oil also helps control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

External application prevents many of the dermatological problems like eczema, psoriasis and such conditions.

  • Hair Care : " "Silus" extra virgin coconut oil as a hair tonic, the regular application of it helps prevent hair fall fights dandruff and stimulates her growth.
  • Skin Care : "Silus" extra virgin coconut oil as body massages oil, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness, scaling and flaking of skin. It removes wrinkles and regeneration of skin cells and prevents excessive exfoliation.
  • Body Care : "Silus extra virgin coconut oil being rich in vitamin A,D,E and K. the oil is a natural tonic for skin and body. Its antioxidant qualities slow dowm the aging process of Body.
  • Body Care : "Silus" extra virgin coconut oil is natural baby oil that nourishes and moisturizes the gentle baby skin. It is an exelent remedy for diaper rash. Being non sticky and easily and easily absorbed by body. It keeps the baby skin soft and supple throughout the day. Regular application of it protects the babies from various infection. As opposed to other internationl baby oil brands which are developed from petrolem distilate, artificially colored and perfumed. "Silus extra virgin coconut oil is prepared naturally and is totally safe for babies.
  • Cooking oil : "Silus" extra virgin coconut oil is an exelent cooking oil enhancing the flavor and taste of various recipes and cuisines.

Usage :

"Silus: extra virgin coconut oil may safely consume between 2-4 table spoon day, usage in cooking , frying , baking, or in smooth3ies. also can be used in the place of other oils including butter.


Brand Name Silus
Color White
Dosage Form Liquid
Pack Size 100gm
Best Before 1 Year
Benefits Skin Care
Shelf Life 2 Year